Unveiling the Tale of La Mariana Sailing Club

Delve into its fascinating story, and you’ll discover the origins of a place that transcends the ordinary. Established in 1955 by Annette La Mariana Nahinu and her then-husband, the club’s beginnings were marked by adventure and serendipity. The Nahinus, newlyweds sailing the Pacific, found themselves in Hawaii, captivated by the islands’ allure, and chose to stay. The purchase of a piece of land on Sand Island gave birth to a dream—a dream that materialized into a charming restaurant and sailing club.

In its early days, La Mariana Sailing Club rapidly became a beloved spot for locals and tourists alike, known for its relaxed ambiance, delectable cuisine, and panoramic views of the Honolulu skyline. The restaurant also thrived as a hub for sailing enthusiasts, offering lessons and exciting racing opportunities. As you step into La Mariana Sailing Club, you step into a piece of history, an enduring love story, and a warm embrace of Hawaiian culture—a place where every corner whispers tales of the Pacific and invites you to be part of its timeless narrative.

The Inspiring Genesis

La Mariana Sailing Club is one of inspiration and a deep connection to the Hawaiian islands. The Nahinus, embarking on a journey as newlyweds, set sail across the vast expanse of the Pacific Ocean and serendipitously found themselves in Hawaii. Captivated by the beauty and allure of the islands, they decided to make Hawaii the home. The dream took root on Sand Island, where they purchased a piece of land and transformed it into a charming restaurant and sailing club.

La Mariana Sailing Club was more than just a business; it was a labor of love and a reflection of the Nahinus’ deep affection for the Pacific and its culture. In its early days, it became a treasured spot for both locals and tourists, known for its relaxed atmosphere, delicious cuisine, and breathtaking views of the Honolulu skyline. The restaurant also thrived as a hub for sailing enthusiasts, offering lessons and racing opportunities. Today, La Mariana Sailing Club stands as a living legacy of the Nahinus’ extraordinary journey, inviting visitors to be part of the enduring love story and to experience the essence of Hawaii in every corner of this remarkable establishment.

A Remarkable Achievements

The accolades and achievements of La Mariana Sailing Club are a testament to its enduring legacy and exceptional offerings. Since its inception, this beloved Polynesian paradise has captured the hearts of locals and visitors alike, earning recognition for its delicious Hawaiian and American cuisine, classic tiki cocktails, and enchanting ambiance. Its place as a cherished venue for weddings, corporate events, and other special occasions is underscored by the countless memorable gatherings it has hosted.

Furthermore, the club’s role as a sailing hub, offering lessons and boat rentals for all ages and skill levels, has contributed to its prominence in the maritime community. These achievements are not merely accolades; they reflect La Mariana Sailing Club’s commitment to delivering a genuine taste of the Aloha spirit, where every visitor becomes part of the storied history that continues to unfold within its tiki-adorned walls.